Gen Z has a surprising opinion about AI influencers on social media, study finds

Compared to other generations, Zoomers are more open to brands using AI influencers rather than humans, a new study showed.

Only 35% of Gen Z consumers considered authenticity in influencers to be a top trait they care about, according to Sprout Social’s 2024 Influencer Marketing Report.

Meanwhile, about half of Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers said they place a high value on authenticity.

Two thousand participants across the US and UK who have at least one social media account and follow at least five brands on social media were surveyed, including 300 social media influencers.

When asked on how they feel about companies and brands using AI influencers instead of humans, Gen Z was 46% more likely to be interested.

This could be because Gen Z cares more about popularity with 47% saying they care about an influencer’s follower count.

Overall, 37% of respondents said AI influencers would make them more interested while another 37% said it would make the brand untrustworthy. The rest of the respondents were “indifferent.”

Social media influencers were more concerned, with 49% saying they were worried AI influencers would take their jobs.