Verified connections: Redefining social media interactions through provable identities – TNGlobal

The internet once promised to dismantle barriers to expression, empowering anyone with a computer and an internet connection to showcase their creativity to the world. However, news often surfaces about social media platforms removing content or suspending accounts, which sometimes inadvertently affects users who create genuine content. For example, in 2023, DragonForce, a British power … Read more

3 High-Paying, Remote Social Media Jobs In 2024

Social media managers are the essential connecting link between a brand and its potential and … [+] existing customers Social media has taken the world by storm ever since the first social media platforms were launched to the public in 1997. It’s become such an indispensable thread interwoven into the fabric of our everyday lives—without … Read more

Social media use linked to rising teen mental health issues, study reveals

In an article published in the journal Nature Reviews Psychology, researchers in Germany and the United Kingdom described the mechanisms through which social media might influence behavioral, cognitive, and neurobiological changes in adolescents, which in turn increases mental health vulnerability. Study: Mechanisms linking social media use to adolescent mental health vulnerability. Image Credit: Kaspars Grinvalds / Shutterstock Adolescence … Read more

New York City’s watchdog agency launches probe after complaints about the NYPD’s social media use – ABC News

New York City’s watchdog agency says it has launched a probe into allegations that the New York City Police Department has improperly used its official social media accounts to target public officials and private citizens ALBANY, N.Y. — New York City’s watchdog agency has launched an investigation into allegations that the city’s police department improperly … Read more

Social media is full of mental illness advice, but experts say think twice before using it to self-diagnose – here’s why | South China Morning Post

If you have an undetermined health problem, you see a doctor, who makes a diagnosis. At least that is how it used to be. Nowadays, in the age of social media, self-diagnosis – most notably of mental illnesses – has become common. Sometimes young people do not realise they may have a mental illness until … Read more

NYPD social media posts under probe from city investigator

Get the best experience and stay connected to your community with our Spectrum News app. Learn More Get the best experience and stay connected to your community with our Spectrum News app. Learn More NYPD officers arrested pro-Palestinian protesters on college campuses, while NYPD leaders criticized them on social media. Now, social media posts from … Read more

Social media and smartphones are bad for kids. Parents need help

But one of our persistent concerns is our kids’ smartphones. We justify their use by embracing their necessity. How else can we communicate about school pickups and sports practices? With that comes access to various minefields, from gaming to social media. As they go off to school and other activities, we wonder if they see … Read more

Public Facing Education via Social Media: A Podcast with Julie McFadden, Matt Tyler, Sammy Winemaker and Hsien Seow

On today’s podcast, we’ve invited four hospice and palliative care social media influencers (yes, that’s a thing!), all of whom focus their efforts on educating the general public about living and dying with a serious illness. Their work is pretty impressive in both reach (some of their posts are seen by millions of viewers) and … Read more